Have Turkeys, Will Travel

Brown Family Farm is proving that turkeys aren’t just for Thanksgiving anymore.  The hens are still laying, eggs are hatching, and the poults just took their first trip away from the farm. Chloe’s preschool, as a science project, incubated eggs, turkey and chicken, to hopefully learn more about life cycles.  Most of the classes didn’t… Continue reading Have Turkeys, Will Travel


When all else fails, get a puppy!

I am not a morning person.  I think we established that in my first blog post…  Unfortunately, Chloe has the exact same pull-the-covers-up-over-her-head nature as me.  We have fought all school year long about getting out of bed and getting ready for school.  We’ve tried sticker charts.  We’ve tried token rewards.  We’ve tried lunchbox treats,… Continue reading When all else fails, get a puppy!