New Blog Year, New Mantra

Next month marks a year since I started writing a blog!  Hopefully, this next year of blogging will be a little less of a rollercoaster…  These past couple months I just haven’t been able to put anything together that I felt was worth sharing.  When something fizzles out, I get frustrated, and then it’s hard to feel confident enough to try again.

Because of my wavering confidence, I’ve missed writing about some great topics with my family and some big changes on the farm.  To be honest, my confidence and my frustration level took some hits last spring.  I never realized the blogging “world” that existed and how easy it is to get sucked into writing as a job instead of writing as a passion.  All of these e-courses and newsletters focused on increasing traffic and turning blogging into a source of income can leave a girl down in the dumps when a post isn’t a hit.

On top of that, some of my writing became a source of contention with people in my circle.  I try not to be specific in writing – my goal is never to be offensive but to offer encouragement based on my own life lessons.  However, some posts have been taken personally and some have created jealousy and discord.  All of this seemed to happen at the same time a mentor of mine moved in a different direction (literally) and I just haven’t been able to put sentences together since.

Until now.  I write a post in my head long before I decide to type it out, and I’ve re-written this one about a thousand times.  Here’s what I came up with:

Don’t quit!

Real original, right?  Cliché as it may be, it rings true, and not just for blogging.  The more I thought about the reasons I struggled, the more silly they became.  Ruffled feathers are inevitable and not always a bad thing.  Good conversations can be had when both sides are willing to talk things out.  Jealousy and discord?  Right now, my focus is serving my family and church.  A big part of that is creating opportunities for my kids to have great childhood memories.  My husband and I work hard at that.  I can’t hold onto bad feelings or feel responsible when someone else doesn’t take the same opportunities.

So here’s to the next year of blogging… be prepared for my kids’ crazy antics, lessons learned from my messy mistakes, stories from the farm, and my favorite – updates about our long awaited pig – Porkchop!  Thanks for sticking with me, or joining in, or however you stumbled onto my blog!



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