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Time for Your Check-Up…

Did you sing that title as you opened this post?  I couldn’t resist… Sorry!

It has been 3 years since our daughter had open heart surgery, one of the scariest times of my life.  My baby girl was having major surgery, and I was afraid I couldn’t be there for her. (I have a terrible needle phobia.)  Chloe had a hole in her heart and cleft valve that needed to be repaired.  Her cardiologist told us it was the best major heart problem to have, (the easiest to fix), but it still required open heart surgery to repair.

There’s a box of things in our closet for Chloe – a journal from the day of her surgery, pictures from her recovery, info from the hospital, and stacks of cards she received. heart box I opened it up this morning, and 3 years later I still cry reading all the sweet sentiments.  Friends came to the hospital to check on us, support us, and keep us entertained while we waited through her surgery.  One friend led a clown parade right into the cardiac waiting room, just to make us smile.

We received many cards from people we love, but there is also a stack of cards from people we don’t know which is such a blessing.  Families or friends of people we love heard about Chloe’s surgery and sent cards, stickers, pictures, and packages to let us know they were praying for Chloe.  What kindness for a total stranger!

That’s when it hit me this morning.  It’s time for my check-up… so many have been so kind and caring to me and my family, not just when Chloe had surgery, but at other needed moments in my life.  How have I repaid them?  How have I paid it forward?

When Chloe finished surgery, she had so many tubes and line for recovery.  When they finally let us see her, I went straight to her and loved on my little girl.  I truly believe the only reason I didn’t faint right there at her bedside was because so many people had prayed for my family that day.  I think about that time and see that many of them had their own struggles to deal with.  A friend with continuing health problems had taken time before her surgery to fast and pray for our family.  Another friend made Chloe princess hospital gowns.  She had lost a daughter to cancer and knew how uncomfortable the ones from the hospital had been.

A wise pastor once said the best way to heal your heart is doing something to heal someone else’s heart.  Romans 12:10 says it this way

romans 12 10

Today is a great day to be kind, to be the reason someone else smiles today.  Happy Tuesday!

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