Have Turkeys, Will Travel

Brown Family Farm is proving that turkeys aren’t just for Thanksgiving anymore.  The hens are still laying, eggs are hatching, and the poults just took their first trip away from the farm.

Chloe’s preschool, as a science project, incubated eggs, turkey and chicken, to hopefully learn more about life cycles.  Most of the classes didn’t have much success so Jenny brought her 3 poults, Eli, Nathan, and Noah, to visit the kids instead. Turkeys They were fascinated with the turkeys, and the little guys enjoyed all the attention (at least we’re hoping they’re guys, for their name’s sake).  Chloe was super excited that her grandma was at school for show and tell.  I held my first turkey (and was pooped on for the first time…) and Maks got a good taste of preschool.  It was a pretty good day.


The poults Nathan, Eli, and Noah, are named after 3 of Maks’ favorite people Turkeys – 3 brothers who are a part of our young adult ministry at church.  The 3 guys got to meet their feathered namesakes this past Thursday when the young adults had food and firearms at the farm.  I know Bill and Jenny put a lot of work into maintaining the farm, and it’s so appreciated to have a nice place to go for our young adults to just hang out and take a break.  Anytime they break out the guns, the momma in me gets a little nervous, but they are always responsible when it comes to firearms.  Despite the worrying, I was quite impressed when they shot clay pigeons and they shattered them into tiny orange pieces.  It was a great chance to review gun safety.  No matter which side of the gun fence you fall on, I believe everyone should know how to work a gun.  It’s kind of like knowing CPR.  You hope you never have to use it, but it could save lives that you do.

On top of all that, Bill went shopping again and this time came back with….. sweet potatoes!  Our garden is almost complete.  We are loving the raised garden beds as weeding is so much easier.  If you’ve thought about raised beds but weren’t sure, we would recommend them, absolutely!


Next, Jenny is planting trees to start an orchard and turkey eggs are hatching.  Stay tuned!

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