When all else fails, get a puppy!

I am not a morning person.  I think we established that in my first blog post…  Unfortunately, Chloe has the exact same pull-the-covers-up-over-her-head nature as me.  We have fought all school year long about getting out of bed and getting ready for school.  We’ve tried sticker charts.  We’ve tried token rewards.  We’ve tried lunchbox treats, adjusted bedtimes, and whatever else I could find on Pinterest.  And it all worked, for a day or two.

And then we went right back to screaming and crying and death grips on the covers.  It’s been a constant cycle ending with me fussing because we’re running late to get out the door.

So, on a whim, unrelated, we got a puppy.  Ben’s parents got a puppy and we went with them to look at puppies, and the kids fell in love, and now we have a puppy.  I never dreamed of the impact it would have on Chloe.  Every time we had a puppy mess, Chloe voluntarily cleaned it up.  She took him for walks regularly, without complaint, and she only cried a little when he chewed on her favorite flip flops.  So what does this have to do with mornings?

Chloe has a new purpose in the morning.  Instead of dragging her feet because she doesn’t want to get up for school, she’s been jumping right up to get dressed and ready so she can spend time with Buddy, the new puppy.  She even beat me out of bed once or twice because she heard him barking to go outside.

The school year may be almost over but this bundle of fur has taught this momma a very valuable lesson.  He has given Chloe a purpose – importance – something she looks forward to every morning.  Not every day is perfect.  This morning we had nothing but tears, but more often than not, she’s bouncing out of bed now – just for her buddy.

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