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While I’m Waiting…

I didn’t realize I would enjoy having a blog this much.  When I started, I didn’t really have a plan, but as I posted more, I set a goal to write one post a week, and this week, I’m slacking.  Things at our house are crazy busy, and super slow all at the same time.  We have our usual craziness with Ben’s work, church activities, family activities, and working on the farm.  It seems like a free day as been a rare treasure.  At the same time, we had very different expectations about where we would be right about now and so we talk about the future with a lot of ifs and maybes.

Last year, I wrote a post about how God had put it on our heart to pursue fostering and adoption of a specific young man.  The first step, for us, would be selling our home for a larger space.  Our house has been on the market since November, and not a single soul has come to check it out, not for a lack of trying.  Every time a car slowed down at the top of our hill, my heart would jump a little, only to be disappointed when they visited a neighbor or slowed for the other 5 houses for sale in our neighborhood.  I’m not saying we’re giving up hope, but we hope, for this young man’s sake, that another family has been able to step up and be a forever family for him.  It’s a bit embarrassing to write about such a pursuit, only to see it possibly fall through.

On the other hand, God has used the idea of this possible adventure to make some much needed changes for Ben and I.  Spiritually, financially, emotionally, we had been preparing ourselves for all the potential challenges we could think of.   We talked about our parenting styles and how we needed to make adjustments.  We pushed ourselves and succeeded in sticking with a budget.  We talk a lot more, about a lot more now.  So it hasn’t all been in vain, for sure.

I was talking with a friend about it all, and as I expressed my disappointment, she smiled sweetly and said “maybe God didn’t want you to adopt.  Maybe He just wanted you to be obedient.” Uh, if that was the case, could that not have been a warning label so I didn’t blab my mouth and embarrass myself….

Apparently not.  The reason, beats me.  What’s next?  Who knows, but God.  When we talk about what’s next for us, this song pops in my head, every time.  Maybe the next step isn’t as important as what we do while we’re waiting…

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