Send a man for sweet potatoes…

Last week, according to the signs, we were supposed to plant potatoes.  It was a bit chilly, very windy, and we only had two of the three types of potatoes we wanted to plant.  20160329_112257 (2)It’s nothing complicated, just regular potatoes, red potatoes, and sweet potatoes.  My father-in-law, Bill, volunteered to take Maks, our 2 year old, to look for our elusive third potato.

While we were waiting, Ben’s grandma, Pat, planted sugar snap peas and we started seedlings for tomatoes and green peppers.  We’re starting to sound like we know what we’re doing but we still don’t have a clue.  🙂

Anyway, shortly after we got our seeds started and the potato bed ready for planting, Bill returned.  He reassured us he stopped by every store possible to find sweet potatoes but could find none.  Is there a different sign for sweet potatoes?  I’m thinking so.  But I digress.  Instead of sweet potatoes, Bill and Maks brought back 8 guineas.  Guineas, apparently, are like the guard dogs of birds.  They chirp like, crazy loud.  However, they are also great for keeping away unwanted insects, pests, and some snakes.  So, Bill built a brooder box in no time and they set up camp in their new home.  Right now, they are still a bit skittish but they are growing by leaps and bounds every day.

It’s been a busy time as Bill and Jenny built a second brooder box for the newly hatched turkeys.  20160405_190403 (2)It’s been amazing for Chloe and Maks to get to watch the eggs in the incubator and then see the hatched birds trying to gain their footing.  Out of the very first eggs laid, four hatched, but one didn’t make it.  They are much cuter now than the turkey in the picture.  They are all fluffy and clean and finding their footing.  There are several eggs in the incubator in my sister’s classroom at Chloe’s school, so we’ll keep you posted on those too.  The turkeys are still laying plenty of eggs, so some are being sold and some will be put in the incubator to sell as poults.

While the farm is becoming quite the bird haven (which is cool, don’t get me wrong), I’m still praying for a pig.  I’m pretty sure bacon is not what Psalm 37:4 is referring to when it talks about the desires of your heart, but that’s not going to stop me from mentioning porkchops every once in a while during my devotional time.  Do dreams come true… I’ll keep ya posted. 😉


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