How Does Your Garden Grow?

Maks and his tractor

I promised later I would update everyone on our garden plans.  First, I should probably explain that we farm by association.  Ben’s parents are creating a homestead of sorts around the corner from our home, and our kids absolutely love it.  For example, last week Maks took his tractor out to the garden patch (over run with weeds) and drove right through it.  I guess learning how to steer the tractor should come before learning how to plow…  Thankfully, Ben got the real tractor and turned up the garden patch so we could get ready for planting next month.  Right now, we have plans for beans, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, and carrots, plus whatever else the family decides to throw in there.  Later in the summer, Ben plans to plant pumpkins which will be amazing.  It’s pretty awesome to go pick a pumpkin from your own pumpkin patch for Halloween.  Ben also makes an amazing pumpkin pie, from scratch, that is in a completely different league than store bought.  The man has skills.  Incredible cooking skills.

Ben has also been working to build raised garden boxes for some of the plants.  We’re still figuring out this garden thing, but I’m super excited about the idea of getting together with family and canning green beans and putting up corn.  I remember all of us grandkids getting together on grandma’s porch and breaking beans before canning.  I also remember opening every window in the house when papaw would decide to make his chow chow.  I never was brave enough to actually eat it, but those memories with my papaw are priceless.  It’s cool to think that this summer, we are creating the same opportunities for our kids to make those memories with their grandparents and great-grandparents. Time spent with family is time well spent, right?

I’ll keep posting pictures, trials and errors, and if you have any great gardening advice, I’d love to hear it!  Happy Spring!

Ben and his tractor

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