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Time for a Tune-Up

My husband and I text back and forth through out the day.  Little things like “How’s your day?”  “We need dog food.”  “Tonight we have girl scouts.”  Today it was, “My truck needs an oil change.”  This wasn’t news to… Continue Reading →

Beyonce #notmysavior

Alright, y’all.  I can’t even comprehend right now. Before I log in to do any work on my laptop, I scroll through the news articles on my homepage.  I like to think it’s because I’m trying to stay up to… Continue Reading →

Olive Me Loves Olive You

My daughter digs olives.  Not just likes, but loves.  She will gladly put one on each finger and then eat them up one by one.  This, she definitely gets from her dad.  To her excitement, we recently learned that you… Continue Reading →

Under Pressure

My children and I have to be out the door by 7:10 every morning to meet up for carpool on time.   I am not a morning person, so we usually wake up at 6:45 am.  Well, I wake up at… Continue Reading →

Let Freedom Ring!

While most people this week are consumed with politics and our election (which is very important, don’t get me wrong), this year, more than any other, I’m more interested in Veteran’s Day at the end of the week.  We recognized… Continue Reading →

New Blog Year, New Mantra

Next month marks a year since I started writing a blog!  Hopefully, this next year of blogging will be a little less of a rollercoaster…  These past couple months I just haven’t been able to put anything together that I… Continue Reading →

Time for Your Check-Up…

Did you sing that title as you opened this post?  I couldn’t resist… Sorry! It has been 3 years since our daughter had open heart surgery, one of the scariest times of my life.  My baby girl was having major surgery,… Continue Reading →

You’re a Good, Good Father

Our praise band sings this song at church and it’s my favorite.  The lyrics are pretty simple – You’re a good, good father It’s who you are, It’s who you are Its who you are And I’m loved by you… Continue Reading →

When a Heart Breaks…

It’s been a while.  I’ve missed this – writing, that is – but for the past couple weeks, I just couldn’t.  My heart was broken.  I was bitter and angry, and my mama taught me that if you can’t say… Continue Reading →

Straight from the Ugly Tree

We have this thing in our front yard.  Its smack dab in the middle of our yard, not quite a tree, not quite a bush, but I’ve always considered it ugly.  We were told it was some kind of rare… Continue Reading →

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